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Why Fitness is Necessary?
  • To boost the mind, energy and mood
  • To combat health problems and diseases
  • To control weight
  • To promote better sleep
  • To reverse the detrimental effects of stress
Sourcing Capability

We have strong sourcing capability that helps us in meeting the demand of the customers on time. Adding on this, is our strong relationship with manufacturers. They are proficient in giving shape to Branded Commercial Gym Equipment, Gym Workout Machines, Gym Machines and Home Fitness Equipment in various specification and delivery the same to us in time. The manufacturers are aware of current market demand and accordingly develop the range. They are elected by our experienced team of procurement agents who analyze the market credibility of the vendors on below mentioned criteria:
  • Market knowledge
  • Skills and expertise
  • Goodwill in the market
  • Mode of payment
  • Delivery time
Our Products

We are providing the Commercial Gym Equipments for both home and commercial sectors. We strive to keep our range of gym equipments unique, stylish and modern to serve the fitness center with best equipment. Besides, we hold vast knowledge and experience in this domain that helps us to interact with the customers proficiently and smoothly. We take care of their satisfaction, thus serve their demand with only those products that match up to their expectations and standards. Our range includes:
  • Multi Gym
    • Leg Extension Leg Curl
    • Lat Pull Row
    • Arm Curl
    • Chest Press
    • Arm Extension
    • Gym Machines
    • Overhead Press
    • Gym Workout Machines
  • Rower
  • LateralX Elliptical for Lateral Motion & Stepping Motion
Some of the other equipment under the category of Cardio Series and Strength Series is tabulated below:

Cardio Series

Fitline 6800 Treadmill

Fitline 5810

Fitline 7800 Commercial Treadmill

Fitline 5809

Fitline S700 Commercial Treadmill

Fitline 5810 with Swing Action

Fitline S900 Commercial Treadmill

Fitline 6805

Fitline 7900 Pro Commercial Treadmill

Fitline 6803 Cross Trainer

Fitline Pro 506 Commercial Treadmill

Fitline Recumbent Bike 8808R

Fitline 8808 Commercial Cross Trainer

Fitline Commercial Upright Bike 8808 U

Fitline 8808 Commercial Cross Trainer with Ramp

Strength Series

MT001 Chest Press

MT008 Upper Limb

MT002 Butterfly

MT009 Lower Back

MT003A Delts Machine

MT010 Abdominal Machine

MT003 Shoulder Press

MT011 Rotary Torso

MT004 Seated Row

MT012 Pull Down

MT005 Cable Cross Over

MT012A Seated Horizontal Pull

MT005A Functional Trainer

MT013A Horizontal Leg Curl

MT006 Biceps Curl

Spacious Warehouse

We have spacious warehouse for storing our bulky and heavy Branded Commercial Gym Equipment, Gym Workout Machines, Gym Machines and Home Fitness Equipments in systematic manner. The unit is installed with material handling equipment assisting in easy loading and unloading of these equipment. Also, the record of all incoming and outgoing product is maintained to avoid duplicacy. The warehouse is managed by the experienced team of storekeepers who are well trained in this domain. Besides, for safe and on time dispatch of the products, our unit is connected to road and sea.